Webivate, Inc.
Innovative. Captivate. Motivate.

Webivate provides innovative business solutions to small business owners. We give entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete in today’s economy, by offering innovative & affordable services that add to the success of their business.

Our goal is to help small businesses innovate their ideas, captivate customers, and motivate new business. Utilizing the internet and social media platforms, our solutions reflect the trends of today's consumers.

We will consult with you to establish an effective web presence that will generate qualified leads, increase sales and connect your business with the rest of the world. Learn More...

Your Idea

INNOVATE: [in-uh-veyt] - verb
The process of improving efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage. Webivate will take your idea or business, and present it to the world through a professional online web presence.


CAPTIVATE: [kap-tuh-veyt] - verb
To attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by excellence or uniqueness. Webivate will develop a memorable online identity that reflects the quality of your business brand.

New Business

MOTIVATE: [moh-tuh-veyt] - verb
To provide someone with an incentive to do something; to encourage or promote. Webivate will market your business to consumers searching for your products or services online.