Webivate, Inc.
Buffalo, NY Web Design

"A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship."

My name is Charles Sciascia, president of Webivate, Inc. and founder of aPerfectIdea.org. Over the past few years working out of a home office, Webivate has developed profitable business relationships with small business owners across America. We help entrepreneurs innovate their ideas, captivate customers, and motivate new business.

Webivate was incorporated in February of 2008. The idea behind our business has been clear since the beginning. Utilize the power of the internet and social media networks to provide affordable business services that reflect the trends of today's consumers.

As president, it has been my mission to establish a company that benefits both its customers and employees. An organization that provides high-paying jobs and offers a service that any small business or entrepreneur can afford.

It's our job to consult with small business owners to establish an effective web presence that will generate qualified leads, increase sales and connect their business with people searching for their products or services online. We are educating both current and future entrepreneurs on the necessary steps for marketing and managing their company in today's economy.

We want business owners to ask themselves:

Over a decade of experience and cost effective marketing techniques, Webivate gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete in today’s economy by offering economical and effective solutions that add to the success of your business. If you would like to learn how Webivate can help you, please visit our services section or complete our contact form to inquire about your project.


Charles Sciascia
President of Webivate, Inc.